Living Learning Laboratory

Immersive experience in the communities to help design perfect solutions

Living Learning Laboratory


The FIWE Living learning Lab program is an innovative offering that allows innovators to have an immersive experience in the communities they seek to solve problems for. It allows them to soak in the communities’ living experience. It gives them the opportunity to get into the community’s mind and thereby understand better their beliefs, thoughts, lifestyles, vision for the future, fears and other physical, demographic and psychographic profiles. This knowledge can help spark the innovator’s imagination to design the perfect solution for a need that has not been served so far. For those who already have an innovative idea, the immersive experience can help design the perfect product needed to get the innovation accepted by the target segment.

The Living Learning Laboratory program takes innovators on a journey of self discovery. Through their unfiltered experiences with the community they can find inspiration and guidance for successful innovations.

  • A completely ‘hand-off’ program, FIWE creates the necessary opportunities and support systems required to give the innovator this immersive experience
  • This would range from very basic logistical support for travel and stay to events and activities that allow the innovator to interact with different stakeholder segments.
  • Opportunities to watch community reactions to and seek their feedback on prototypes of products* he may have already developed.
  • The innovator can select the duration, depth and width of the immersion. A deeper immersion would mean a larger number of direct community interactions at all scales while a wider one would mean a larger spread across stakeholder sets.

On the basis of individual needs we offer this program with different durations

  • 6 weeks
  • 3 Months
  • Flexible immersion plan


  • College students/ YOUNG PROFESSIONALS looking for in depth immersion to develop ideas, collect datasets and get an understanding of the on-ground scenario
  • Researchers in our partner universities can pursue internships at the living learning laboratory
  • Start-ups interested in understanding consumer behavior
  • Opportunity to prototype and test ideas and products in the community
  • NRIs and foreign students looking for an immersion to gauge problems and develop ideas
  • A letter of intent showcasing need for access to communities
  • Achievements and Past Engagements
  • Video Essay (Required for Scholarships)
  • Shortlisted applicants may also be asked for a web/telephonic interview

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