An aspiring social entrepreneur/ change maker needs an environment in which his/her idea is nurtured, developed and scaled. The purpose of the incubation cell is to promote these aspirants and develop them into agents of change through trainings, support from successful social entrepreneurs and experts, and opportunities for idea validation and product testing by organizing direct interactions with target audience. By supporting social entrepreneurs, we aim to increase the portfolio of sustainable solutions available and make those solutions a viable choice to consumers.

Personal mentorship: We treat our incubatees as our own start-ups and ensure that the experience is personalised. We understand that starting up can be a challenge at both professional and personal levels. We ensure that we provide tailored personalised support – in the form of strategic advice, coaching and mentoring – through our panel of mentors and staff

Product development and testing: One of the challenging phases in a start-up is to convert an indea into a reality. Many individuals/ groups have ideas but this is the stage they fail at. We ensure that we walk with our entrepreneurs to support in physically manifesting their ideas.

  • Expert connections: We have access to experts across domains, our expert panel can help you define, develop and optimise your product and take it to the next-level
  • Practical support in product development: Our team of engineers, continously works with you to support in on-ground product development. We invest in you.
  • On-ground consumer testing: We provide access to Living Learning Laboratories to support during product ideation and prototype testing – develop a prototype, check the response of the potential buyers and make iterations

Network access: Once you are our incubatee our network is your network. We not only leverage our prevalent contacts but also develop customised networks to support you in your business

  • Outreach support through access to our network of investors, donors, and potential buyers and suppliers

Capacity Building: We understand that you may not have all the skills to successfully run companies and therefore we provide leadership and development programs

  • Once you join as our incubatee, the process starts with an intesive 3 month Bootcamp. These trainings and interactions help to accelerate social impact and leadership potential
  • We also provide customized training modules to support in start-up development

Business Development Support:

  • Business support services such as legal, financial and HR
  • Access to office and desk space and facilities like meeting space and computers

Flexible Program:

One of our greatest strengths is our flexibility. We are able to customise our support to suit your needs.


Stages we support in:

  • Pre-startup stage: We support in individuals who are looking to develop into  changemakers. We help develop aspirations and intentions, and assist in ideation and business model–discovery
  • Idea validation and testing: Start-ups looking to test and prototype their prodiucts to gain consumer validation, and launch products designed to succeed
  • Early-stage venture development: Business development and business model creation, supplier identification, customer acquisition, create a potential investor network

Who are we looking for:

  • College students/ young professionals with start-up ideas
  • Professionals working in the development sector looking to execute their ideas
  • NRIs and foreign students looking to create a social impact and solve problems of developing nations


The selection is based on an online application. The competitive process includes the following:

  • Achievements and Past Engagements
  • Video Essay (Required for Scholarships)
  • Shortlisted applicants may also be asked for a web/telephonic interview.

Selections will be made on a rolling basis.

Entrepreneurship Support Center


“As an early stage start-up based in the US, we required support in idea and product development. Some of the most useful aspects of the incubation support at FIWE were the personalised mentorship and the program flexibility. The FIWE team themselves developed a prototype in India and tested the product in the Living Learning Labs. This gave us an opportunity to test the product directly with our end consumer. The insights generated helped us come up with a design which met both the utility and the price point of our target audience. Through its networks, FIWE also helped us connect with experts, potential donors, manufacturers, and buyers. And more importantly, they were able to provide an outside perspective to things, which we sometimes neglected but were significant. FIWE to us was a home base, that helped us prepare to do business in India.” – Zachary Fredericks, Founder and CEO, Flow Solutions

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