Entrepreneurship Support Center

Entrepreneurship Support Center

Entrepreneurship Support Center aims at fostering passionate innovators, who look to address social issues and change the status quo. By providing aspirants with the requisite knowledge, tools and networks and promoting interactions with entrepreneurs, mentors, researchers and academicians, we aim to create an environment which inspires new ideas and action.From drinking water and sanitation to water use in agriculture, industry, and ecosystems we develop entrepreneurs who can revitalize and solve pertinent problems.


We offer 3 programs to support aspiring social changemakers in their journeys:


  1. Incubation: An aspiring social entrepreneur/ change maker needs an environment in which his/her idea is nurtured, developed and scaled. The purpose of the incubation is to promote these aspirants and develop them into agents of change through trainings, support from successful social entrepreneurs and experts, and opportunities for idea validation and product testing by organizing direct interactions with target audience. By supporting social entrepreneurs, we aim to increase the portfolio of sustainable solutions available and make those solutions a viable choice to consumers.
  2. Living Learning Laboratory: The FIWE Living learning Lab program is an innovative offering that allows innovators to have an immersive experience in the communities they seek to solve problems for. It allows them to soak in the communities’ living experience. It gives them the opportunity to get into the community’s mind and thereby understand better their beliefs, thoughts, lifestyles, vision for the future, fears and other physical, demographic and psychographic profiles. This knowledge can help spark the innovator’s imagination to design the perfect solution for a need that has not been served so far. For those who already have an innovative idea, the immersive experience can help design the perfect product needed to get the innovation accepted by the target segment.The Living Learning Laboratory program takes innovators on a journey of self discovery. Through their unfiltered experiences with the community they can find inspiration and guidance for successful innovations.
  3. Bootcamp: An intensive 3 month training program to transform passionate individuals into social changemakers. At the bootcamp, we provide an environment which promotes holistic learning through trainings, exposure visits, panel discussions with bureaucrats, social leaders and experts, and group discussions. It serves as a launchpad for aspiring change makers to develop an understanding of the opportunities and make careers in the social sector. If you want to create a social impact, the Boot Camp is the place where you want to be.

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