Certificate Course in Agro-homeopathy

Agro-Homeopathy is the use of the homeopathic method in agriculture. It allows the practitioner to influence biological processes of plants. This can be used not only to increase yield but also to control diseases. Using homeopathic formulations on plants guarantees non-toxicity. Agro-homeopathy is a win-win solution for farmers. They can use this method with confidence that it will neither damage the organism, the soil nor the plants.


Minimum Qualification: 10 + 2

Suitable Candidates:

  • Next-generation progressive, ambitious agriculturists – particularly the youth
  • Agricultural professionals in For-Profit and Non-Profit Sectors
  • Non-profit workers wanting to help farmers
  • Agriculture researchers working on improving farmers incomes
  • Policy makers and industry professionals
  • Successful, high-income progressive farmer
  • Agri Guru consultant – a network of trained consultants working with government and practitioners for high-income water efficient organic (chemical free) agriculture
  • Placement as a professional in industry such as agro-based companies & retail-op
  • Online / written Application
  • Interview

6 months

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