1 year Specialized Diploma in Market Planning for High Income Water Efficient Agriculture

A specialized course, this  will give students a detailed understanding of the market linkages and marketing tools to support High Income Water Efficient Agriculture.  This course will be useful both for agriculturists and for marketers of products that help farmers practice HIWE agriculture.  Academics and industry experts will share marketing insights and exciting new opportunities in the Indian agri products market. It will also network them with people and organizations in this ecosystem. Students will spend their internship period in a village affected by farmer’s suicides enabling poor farmers adopt such methods.

  • Agricultural professionals in For-Profit and Non-Profit sectors particularly those in Agriculture Extension services
  • Next-generation progressive, ambitious agriculturists. – particularly the youth
  • Non-profit workers wanting to help farmers
  • Agriculture researchers working on improving farmers incomes
  • Policy makers and industry professionals
  • Students who have done graduation in Agriculture or allied fields.
  • Successful, high income progressive farmer
  • Agri Guru consultant – a network of trained consultants working with government and practitioners for high income agriculture
  • Placement as a professional in industry such as agro-based companies & retail
  • Online / written Application
  • Selection based on application details
  • Interview

Course duration: 8 months

  • 6 months classroom and practical trainings
  • 2 months internship

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