FORCE Institute of Water Efficiency (FIWE)

To make a water abundant world by facilitating a shift towards water efficiency

FORCE Institute of Water Efficiency (FIWE)

FIWE is a dynamic, innovative and networked institution working towards creating water efficiency in India and the World. FIWE and its parent organisation, the PJRM FORCE Trust are members of the FORCE for Water Security group.

Our Vision:

To make a water abundant world by facilitating a shift towards water efficiency

Our Mission:

Create a systemic and scalable shift towards 20% increase in water efficiency every 10 years across India and the world by co-creating knowledge and innovations, and facilitating access to resources, communications and networks to provide actionable solutions for all stakeholders. The constant endeavour through our activities would be to reduce inequality and poverty, and promote rural development and education while working towards sustainable development.

Our Departments:

Programs at FIWE are structured through 4 verticals each of which addresses a specific sector:

  • Department of Agriculture and Food Security – This department works towards creating knowledge, innovations and support for High Income, Water Efficient agriculture. It looks at Water Efficiency not just a goal by itself but as the pivotal point for reducing input costs in agriculture and increasing the sale proceeds from agricultural output. Agriculture is a focus area for FIWE and we aim to promote High Income, Water efficient agriculture through our Agri-Guru Course Series
  • Department of Industry Solutions – This department looks at enabling the Manufacturing and Energy industries lower their water footprints. Its special focus area is Zero Pollution, Water Neutral, Water Efficient production.
  • Department of Utilities and Domestic Demand – This department works with Industry, Water Utilities and households to create a water efficient ecosystem. Consumer demand creation for Water efficient products and services is an area of special interest for this department.
  • Entrepreneurship Support Center (ESC) – The ESC has been established in recognition of the need for innovations and the role that social entrepreneurship can play in creating sustainable solutions. It provides opportunities for innovators to explore, develop and test and launch their ideas.

The Agriculture, Industry and Utilities and Domestic Demand departments offer a variety of services such as:

  • Training and Education – A variety of knowledge and skill enhancement programs such as specialized diploma courses, training programs and knowledge sharing events.
  • Policy and Behavior Change – Think tanks, expert analysis, publications and stakeholder engagement activities for Water Efficiency.
  • Science and Research – Research into techniques, technologies and behaviors that can impact the spread of Water Efficiency.
  • Advisory and Allied Services – Consultancy, market support and information dissemination services to hand-hold water users into and through their transition from water wastefulness, water risk to water efficiency and water security.

Impact Multiplier Implementation Model:

Through our portfolio of unique offerings such as Agri-Guru Course Series and Entrepreneurship Support Center we aim to have a multiplier effect which leads to a societal change.


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